I’m a skincare expert.

Skincare expert Jessica Johnson

Crazy Idea: Buy your skincare products from an actual expert on skincare.

For 30 years I’ve helped women to look and feel their best. I’ve given thousands of facials and shaped countless eyebrows. I’ve treated every skin condition you can imagine. I’ve formulated dozens of products in Europe and the United States. I’ve researched and tested hundreds of ingredients and thousands of products from every corner of the globe.

I know skin. I know how it functions. I know what works and what doesn’t to keep it happy, healthy and hydrated. I know skin through three decades of hard work and tireless devotion to being the best at what I do. 

I’m not a former supermodel shoehorned into the skincare business

T3 Hydro Active Spray Serum (with box)

What works: Jessica Johnson pours 30 years experience into every product she makes, including this T3 Serum.

when the magazine covers stopped calling. I’m not a trust fund kid who had a magical epiphany while hiking the Himalayas after business school. I’m not a Hollywood movie star whose misguided understanding of cosmetic chemistry drove her to make skincare products her children could eat. 

I’m Jessica Johnson. I’m a skincare expert. And I pour 30 years of experience into every product I make.