Replace that jumble of beauty products with multi-tasking products that work harder and do more with higher concentrations of active ingredients.

A streamlined approach to sustainable skincare features a smaller number of hybrid items with higher concentrations of active ingredients.

Sustainable skincare is central to our mission at Jessica Johnson Beauty. If you’re interested in a more mindful approach to your skincare choices please read on.

Minimalist Approach to Sensational Sustainable Skincare

At Jessica Johnson Beauty our guiding principle is to redefine simplicity. For us this means creating a line of fewer, harder working products that contain higher concentrations of active ingredients. In one sense you can think of it as a skincare diet. But it’s not about deprivation. It’s a minimalist approach to uncompromising results using fewer products in a highly efficient way.

For example, our 3N1 Hybrid Face Oil and T3 Hydro Active Spray Serum set is two products that replace five or six items you may be buying. 3N1 is a single product that multi-tasks as makeup remover, cleanser and treatment oil. T3 is a toner and treatment serum in one bottle. You can also combine the two on your skin to custom blend a moisturizer right on your face.

5-Minute, 2-Product Beauty Routine

Image of Jessica Johnson Beauty's 3N1 Oil and T3 Serum and logo bamboo wash cloths: a sustainable skincare routine that takes just five minutes using only two products.

Our streamlined five minute, two product beauty routine is the essence of sustainable skincare.

But sustainable skincare means more than just using fewer products. Just as a healthy body requires a daily commitment to diet and exercise, healthy skin requires a routine you can maintain. Ten-step beauty regimens that take 30 minutes tax my time and patience. I want great skin not a part time job.

Using just the 3N1 Oil and T3 Serum we’ve created a simple 5-minute beauty ritual that leaves the skin clean, nourished, hydrated and healthy. It’s quick, easy and enjoyable. But most importantly it’s awesome.  In a word: sustainable.

Clear Out the Clutter

Finally, all that plastic floating around in the ocean makes me physically sick. That’s why we pack 3N1 Oil and T3 Serum in clear, glass bottles. It’s a clean, timeless, gender-neutral look that won’t clutter up your bathroom, recycling bin or the sea.

So, if your skincare goals include streamlining your product usage and beauty routine please take a deeper dive into our product offerings.  You’ll find we offer sustainable skincare without compromise. DIVE IN NOW