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Skin Treatments

Skin Treatments

A regular monthly facial is an important step in achieving and maintaining a healthy, radiant complexion. Our mission at Jessica Johnson Beauty is to liberate women from costly, time consuming beauty routines. Our skincare treatments are fast, effective and affordable. They are carefully choreographed to efficiently deliver high impact results. You will see and feel a difference.

Ask about our famous Jessica Johnson Experience. It’s a specially priced package of three monthly facials combined with our Fewer Products, Better Beauty™ homecare regimen (featuring just the JJB 3N1 Hybrid Face Oil and JJB T3 Hydro Active Spray Serum). Give us 90 days and we’ll give you the best skin of your life.

Flash Facial

The Jessica Johnson Beauty Flash Facial is the culmination of Jessica’s decades of experience working in cosmetic chemistry labs around the world and her hands-on work giving thousands of facials and treating every kind of skin problem. It has been designed and refined over many years to deliver exceptional results efficiently and affordably.

This treatment cleanses, clears and exfoliates your skin before delivering a deep-penetrating, supercharged dose of nourishing, hydrating active ingredients that leave your skin fresh, smooth, plump and glowing. It is the best facial you can get and you can have it for a mere $60.00 in just 30 minutes. Book your Flash Facial today.

$65.00 – 30 MINUTES

Calming Facial

A gentle twist on the original JJB Flash Facial.  Jessica designed this treatment for her clients with sensitive, irritated and/or prickly skin and those with rosacea, couperose and other inflammatory conditions.

This treatment is all about calming redness, reducing inflammation, soothing discomfort and gently imparting a soft, healthy glow. It is a carefully choreographed series of steps that diminishes redness and irritation and leaves the skin softer, smoother, calmer, more even and more resilient. If your skin is sensitive or irritated click the Book Now button and make an appointment.

$65.00 – 30 MINUTES