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Custom Brow Styling

Custom Brow Styling

Our brow experts combine waxing, trimming, tweezing  and tinting to create an individualized shape and style to perfectly compliment your unique facial features.

  • BROW SHAPING – $47


Facial Waxing Services

We use a proprietary, low-temperature wax that was formulated in Great Britain by our founder Jessica Johnson. This wax is used in finer spas and salons all over the world. JJB technicians are artfully trained in the proper use of our custom wax to comfortably remove facial hair with minimal redness. At JJB we literally set the standards for great waxing.

LIP $20  •  CHIN $20  •  CHEEKS $30

Skin Treatments

Skin Treatments

Facials are essential for healthy glowing skin. But too many facials are long on time, steep in cost, and short on results.

As part of her mission to liberate women from costly time consuming beauty routines Jessica set out to create a fast, effective, affordable skincare treatment. The result is the JJB signature Flash Facial. It’s super efficient, easy on the wallet and sensational for your skin. In 30 minutes for a mere $60 you’ll get the best facial and the best skin of your life.

Flash Facial

Fast. Affordable. Effective. Get this facial once a month and you will have what every woman wants: healthy, glowing radiant skin. It’s the best $65.00 and 30 minutes you can spend on your skin. Full stop.

$65.00 – 30 MINUTES

Calming Facial

A gentle twist on The Classic Flash Facial, this treatment soothes and calms sensitive skin prone to redness, irritation and inflammation. Give us 30 minutes once a month and in 90 days we will solve your problems with rough, red, irritated and inflamed skin.

$65.00 – 30 MINUTES


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