T3 Hydro Active Spray Serum


Face Serum

A super-charged face serum loaded with plant-based antioxidants, fatty acids, anti-inflammatories, minerals, amino acids, humectants and enzymes to tone, soothe, heal, nourish, hydrate and protect…conveniently delivered straight to your skin with a hydrolyzing sprayer. Keep it in your purse or carry-on bag (a must for frequent flyers) and give your skin a refreshing boost anytime, anywhere.

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Additional tips and usage recommendations

  • Spray your skin with T3 Hydro Active Spray Serum at anytime to give your skin a refreshing boost.
  • A must-have for air travel, enjoy a regular spritz during flights to protect and hydrate.
  • The perfect apres-ski skin refresher. Great for boaters, runners, golfers and beach lovers.
  • Ideal after a sun exposure or hot showers to prevent dryness.
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