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The Fewer Products Better Beauty 5-Minute Ritual

You’ve probably asked the following questions:

  • How to apply face oil?
  • When to apply face oil?
  • How do you apply face serum?
  • When is the best time to apply serum?
  • Where to apply serum on face?

How to Use Facial Oil / Serum:

Using our 3N1 Hybrid Face Oil and T3 Hydro Active Spray Serum we’ve created a simple, relaxing, enjoyable 5-minute beauty ritual. Low maintenance never felt better or looked so good. Because it’s so easy, feels so good, smells so wonderful and works so well you’ll do it more often. And when you do it daily you’ll get results.

Step 1: Makeup Removal / Massage / First Cleanse Using JJB 3N1 Hybrid Face Oil

  • Massage 4-6 pumps of oil over face, eye area, neck and chest.
  • Using gentle circular motions massage for one minute.
  • Lay a warm, wet washcloth (such as our JJB Organic Bamboo Washcloth) over the face. Take a few deep breaths to experience the calming effects of fragrant lemongrass, sage and citrus essential oils.
  • Gently wipe off oil using circular movements, paying special attention to the eye area, to remove all makeup.

Step 2: Second Cleanse JJB 3N1 Hyrbrid Face Oil

  • Massage 4-6 pumps of oil evenly over face.
  • Gradually add warm water using just your fingertips to create a light, sheer cleansing fluid.
  • Rinse well with warm water and pat skin dry.
  • Double cleansing at night with 3N1 Hybrid Face Oil will do wonders for your skin.

Step 3: Treatment with T3 Hydro Active Spray Serum & 3N1 Hybrid Face Oil

  • Moisten skin thoroughly with T3 Hydro Active Spray Serum to tone and treat the skin.
  • Place a scant 1-2 drops of oil in your palm and rub hands together.
  • Evenly massage a fine layer of oil into the moist serum on your face.
  • All moisturizers and creams are oil & water emulsions. When you blend the two products in this step you are creating a moisturizing lotion right on your skin.
  • Congratulations. You’ve completed the Fewer Products, Better Beauty 5-Minute Daily Ritual.

Additional Tips:

  • Spray your skin with T3 Hydro Active Spray Serum at anytime to give your skin a refreshing boost of nourishment, protection and hydration.

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