Less is More - Article on Maine Women Magazine

Women often shy away from using oils on their face, believing they will clog pores and cause breakouts, but that’s not the case, says Johnson. Oil cleansing takes the place of using a makeup remover, face wash and moisturizer, meaning fewer products are needed. “The less we put on our face, the more it self-regulates,” she says.

She was so taken with the idea, she eventually created her own face oil—3N1 Hybrid Face Oil—which is part of her current skin care line.

But her big lightbulb moment came while cleaning out her house after reading “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” by Marie Kondō. The book offers guidance for simplifying and organizing your home, and Johnson put the method into practice in her own house, including the bathroom, where she tossed out all of her extra products and bottles that were just taking up space in her cabinets. The cleaned up space changed the way she felt—and looked. “I looked better because I felt better after decluttering,” she says. The experience gave her the push to develop her own simplified line of skin care products.

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