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Face Oil for Makeup

January 03, 2019 2 min read

Face Oil for Makeup

Jessica Johnson Beauty 3N1 Hybrid Face Oil is a sensational face oil for makeup removal. But it is so much more.

A bottle of golden 3N1 Hybrid Face Oil, a multifunction face oil for makeup removal. It does triple duty as your cleanser and treatment oil, too.

3N1 is the best face oil for makeup. But it does triple duty as makeup remover, cleanser and treatment oil.

Makeup Remover, Cleanser and Treatment Oil

3N1 is a multi-function product that does triple duty out of just one bottle. It serves as your:

  • Makeup Remover
  • Cleanser
  • Treatment Oil

Makeup Remover

Massage 4-6 pumps of 3N1 over the entire face to dissolve makeup. Lay a warm wash cloth over the face and take a few deep breaths. Enjoy the relaxing aromatherapy of lemongrass, citrus and sage essential oils. Gently remove makeup using circular movements. Pay special attention to the eye area.


Double cleansing at night is essential to healthy skin. After using 3N1 for makeup removal, evenly spread 4-6 more pumps of oil over the entire face. Moisten fingertips with warm water and gradually add water to create a sheer cleansing fluid. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

Treatment Oil

A bottle of golden colored Jessica Johnson 3N1 Hybrid Face Oil next to a JJB white logo wash cloth. A great anti aging face oil.

JJB 3N1 Hybrid Face Oil is a sheer, light, luxurious blend of natural oils for healthy, glowing skin at any age. 

Place 1-2 drops of 3N1 in the palm of your hand and rub hands together. Evenly massage 3N1 over your entire face for glowing skin. For added hydration, nourishment, protection and elasticity, spritz your face with Jessica Johnson Beauty T3 Hydro-Active Spray Serum before applying 3N1 Oil.

By combining the two products in this way you mix a moisturizing lotion right on your face. After all, creams, moisturizers and lotions are nothing more than oil and water emulsions.

Totally Unique Multi-Function Face Oil and Serum

Jessica Johnson 3N1 Oil and T3 Serum are unlike anything available on the market. Loaded with active ingredients these two products work harder and do more for you and your skin. Used together they replace your:

  • Makeup Remover
  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Treatment Oil
  • Intensive Serum
  • Moisturizer

You get a simple, complete skincare routine using just two products. Our five-minute daily ritual is efficient, effective and economical. Easy to pack for the gym or travel this skincare set is also ecologically friendly. Indeed, by replacing 5 or 6 products with our 2-bottle system you significantly reduce the landfill waste of your beauty routine. Moreover, our glass bottles are 100% recyclable and won’t wind up as ocean plastic pollution.

JJB 3N1 is more than just the best face oil for makeup. It’s a multi-function product that makes healthy, glowing skin easy and affordable.

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