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Fewer Products, Better Beauty TM


Jessica Johnson Beauty is dedicated to helping women rethink their approach to skin care. Our mission is to liberate women from expensive, time consuming beauty routines without compromising results.

We all know that clearing clutter in your life does wonders for your well-being. The same is true when it comes to your beauty routine. Cosmetic companies want us to look for what’s wrong with our skin instead of what’s right.  To fix something that is innately perfect. What if we loved our skin?  What if we gave it the care and support it needs to do what it’s designed to do best?

The truth is, the more products we use the more we throw off our skin’s natural balance. This begs some interesting questions: Why do companies promote skin care regimens with countless steps? Simple – more products equals more money. How many products does it really take to maintain healthy skin?  Fewer than you think!

We urge you to rethink how you see and treat your skin. Our “fewer products, better beauty” approach will bring out the best in your skin and will save you money and time…..and that frees you to do the things that matter most.

25 Years in the Making

My love for the beauty industry started in 1986. While earning my degree from Sacramento State University, I worked as a makeup artist in print, television and for major cosmetic brands. After graduating I switched gears and went to work for the Governor of California. However, my passion for beauty drew me back to the industry. I went on to open two salons in San Francisco and launch my first product company, Bombshell Wax.

Seeking a simpler life, my husband and I moved to Maine to raise our family. Eventually, I began feeling overwhelmed by my responsibilities as a busy, working mother. Searching for a sense of calm and peace, I decided to clear the clutter out of my life. As I cleaned out my home, I gained clarity and felt more confident, focused and energetic. I decided to apply this philosophy to my beauty regimen. I realized how good it felt to be free of a time consuming beauty routine that contributed to my cluttered, emotional space.

I wanted fewer products but I didn’t want to skimp on quality or effectiveness.This led me to create a brand that infuses the principles of a pared down, simplified lifestyle with effective, high quality, luxurious products.


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