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Fewer Products, Better Beauty TM

Fewer Products, Better Beauty ™

At Jessica Johnson Beauty we’re asking women to rethink their approach to beauty. Our mission is to liberate women from expensive, time consuming beauty routines without compromising results. Our goal is to offer fast, affordable, high impact salon services and safe, hybrid products that serve multiple tasks so you can have beautiful skin and look great with less money and effort.

We all know that clearing clutter in your life does wonders for your well-being. The same is true when it comes to your beauty routine. Life is stressful enough, getting great skin and looking fabulous should be easy.

25 Years in the Making

My love for the beauty industry began in 1986 while I was paying my way through college working as a makeup artist. After 25 years of treating thousands of clients, testing countless products and services, and collaborating with the industry’s top cosmetic chemists, I’ve created a whole new salon concept and home care approach to minimalist beauty.

Having healthy skin and looking great is easier than you think. Beautiful skin doesn’t come from expensive and elaborate spa treatments or 10 step beauty routines.  Having fast, affordable, facial treatments and professional brow shaping once a month is the first step. Performing consistent, simple home care with just a few targeted products is next.  Following my simple approach is all you need.  

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